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Kimono obsession

Edit: this post contains outdated links to the web store. Maintaining two storefronts was too time-consuming for me, so all pieces are now back to being solely offered in my Etsy shop at

Happy August! The summer is winding to a close, and it's almost time for school to start up again. We even got a few fall temperatures this week to tempt us with a glimmer of fall, and that has got me dreaming of my fall wardrobe -- long sleeves and sweaters, scarves and booties, here I come! I can't wait!

But to be honest, it's back to 85 degrees again here, so I'll have to wait a little bit longer to pull all that out. Instead, I find myself looking for those transitional pieces that will form the backbone of my wardrobe until the true cold weather sets in.

One of my favorite spring-to-summer-to-fall pieces is the floral kimono. It's beautiful, comfortable, and depending on the weight, can be anywhere from breezy and lightweight (perfect for a summer evening) to drapey and warm (transitioning into fall). I've been busy making kimonos all summer, and I'm obsessed! I'm trying really hard not to steal them all right out of my own shop, but it's really, REALLY hard!

Let me show you some of the amazing kimonos I've had the chance to make this summer!

peach floral kimono

This incredible floral kimono is available in my web store for $58 (or less if you follow me on social media and caught this video!)

Obviously I couldn't resist taking one of those for myself... but I made others too!

brushstrokes kimono

This stunning kimono is made of a shimmery silky brushstrokes fabric that undulates in the light... so gorgeous!

brushstrokes kimono

Just look at that ombre! You really can't appreciate how pretty it is until you see it in person. It's a showstopper, and available in my web store!

I also made a one-of-a-kind (like took-all-the-fabric-I-had) kimono out of this incredible floral burnout chiffon.

ivory gold kimono

The burnout leaves the chiffon transparent, but the flowers are a silky, shimmery ivory and gold that shine in the light. It's available in my Etsy shop! Just look how pretty it is up close:

gold floral kimono


And then, last but not least, possibly my favorite of all....

fall floral kimono flatlay

This fall floral kimono is absolutely gorgeous! I stumbled upon this soft, stretchy, COMFORTABLE double brushed poly fabric at a local fabric store in Arthur, Illinois that largely targets Amish sewists and I was FLOORED when I saw it. Who would have ever expected such a beautiful knit in a store full of cotton and polyester wovens?! WOW!!! I wasn't fabric shopping that day, but I knew I couldn't leave without it.

I'm trying really, REALLY hard not to take one of these, but I mean, come on... it's clear I already have the outfit for it! It's like meant to be!

fall floral kimono flatlay

Be still, my heart!! Ahh!!

So far, you can still buy it in my web store... as long as I don't take it first! ;)

The peach kimono is a great mid-weight stretch for cool summer nights, but I expect this brushed polyester in the fall-toned kimono will really hold some heat in, even being as loose and flowy as it is. I think that's what I'm having so much trouble resisting... I have a silk kimono for spring, a stretchy pink kimono for summer, and now this FALL kimono is just staring me in the face... How will I ever resist its siren call?!

black silk kimono

My spring kimono from last year

peach floral kimono

My summer kimono from this year

fall floral kimono

My future fall kimono..? :)

I'd say it's pretty obvious that I'm obsessed with kimonos right now. Which one is your favorite?

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