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Introducing the new web store, Facebook store, YouTube channel and more!

Happy super blue blood moon day to you! (Did you get a chance to see this rare lunar event this morning? We had clouds in the way, boo.)

The auspicious start to the day feels like a good harbinger of all the announcements coming out of the shop today. I have LOTS of news to share with you!

Where should I begin?!

I'll start with the announcement you undoubtedly noticed when you entered the site today: I have officially launched a standalone web store for the shop! Powered by Ecwid, it is built straight into the website, allowing you to shop -- on desktop AND mobile! -- add favorites, get advice from your friends on social media, and check out securely all in one place. It loads seamlessly and looks great, so please check it out!

You can also now buy gift cards to use in the web store! I have some prefilled amounts available, but you can also enter your own amount. Checkout is secure, as it is powered by an app extension of the Ecwid web store and should work seamlessly with any purchases. Obviously you can still purchase gift cards from Etsy to use in my shop, but these new gift cards will be just for use at Emily Jeanne Designs! I'm really excited about them.

I know you're pretty excited about the new web store and gift cards, but did you know... there's MORE!

By using Ecwid to build my storefront, it now also syncs seamlessly with my facebook page! My Wix website works using iframes that run inside of the site's main frame, meaning both my Etsy shop and Ecwid store act as their own apps inside of the site, almost independently of the main site. That makes it really easy for Ecwid to transfer literally the exact same shopping experience they've built for my main website to an iframe-based store on facebook. You can shop, add favorites, and securely checkout all inside my facebook page now, exactly the same as you would on my main store! I mean how cool is that!

I know what you're thinking -- okay, okay, you've launched a completely new web store that works in your website and on your facebook page and set up gift cards for them. Surely that's been enough to keep you busy lately. Right? WRONG! There's more!

I've also finally made good on my promise to start a youtube channel! This will allow me to integrate video with my website and blog posts easily, which opens some new avenues for me! Right now it just features my trhee main How to Wear videos from this fall:

-How to style your blanket scarf

-How to wear your poncho cape

-How to style your waterfall vest

If I can ever get an upgraded computer, expect more videos to be coming! For now, I hope to throw up a few quick blog posts featuring each one over the next few weeks.

All right, so that's all for now, right? Well, almost.

I'm also launching a Share the Love sale tomorrow, Feb 1st through 14th! Spend $60 or more and get 20% off your total purchase! The sale will be live in both my Etsy shop and my web store, so checkout should be a breeze on whichever platform you choose to shop.

And now, for a small note on the web store. You've probably noticed that it's rather small right now. I know that seems strange for its introductory launch, but I simply didn't have a lot to put in there yet! My goal was to take items that had 2 or more in quantity and split them between the two shops -- so Etsy still has the exact same inventory selection it's always had -- and give my web store a little bit to fill out on. But there wasn't much there! I have just one of almost everything in my shop right now.... so the web store is still small.

As I get to work on my spring inventory, I'll be sure to put up my products in both stores so you can still pick your preferred shopping experience. That may change in the future, but I want to take this one step at a time. For now, I'm just excited to have a web store at all!

And now, YES, that is all my news for today! I'm still making progress on preparing for my VIP group on facebook, but obviously my plate's been a little full with other things lately. I'm getting ready to start on my spring inventory, but I'll need to go shopping first (and that will require my kids to stop getting sick every time I try to go!). Keep an eye out for florals and bright colors in the near future, and don't forget to try out one of my new ways to shop when they come!

Thanks for catching up with me and have a great day!


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