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Shop Update: New scarves, EJD's 1st Anniversary, and the Kick Cancer for Cam event

It's been very busy around here lately! I've been making more beautiful things than I can count lately and having a blast doing it! Plus the shop just finished up a sale to celebrate its first anniversary (!!) and I attended the Kick Cancer for Cam fundraiser last night and had a great time supporting a local little boy and his family in their fight against cancer.

First up, an update on what's in the shop now: Have you seen some of the beautiful new things coming into the shop lately? The shop's positively bursting with lovely new things this month! (or at least it was until last night's event :) )

There have been several gorgeous color choices available in the 45"x45" cotton size:

And some of my new favorite scarves are the oh-so-soft, subtly shiny 45"x60" acrylic blanket scarves:

A couple of the acrylic scarves also come in a 60"x60" oversized option, which makes for a great cape in addition to a scarf:

In addition to blanket scarves, I have also branched out into fashion scarves:

And the craziest thing about all that new stuff? I have SO MUCH MORE in my studio that I just haven't gotten the chance to finish yet! I mean just look at what I came home with the last time I went to Joann:

Long story short, there's a lot of new already in the shop, and there's a lot more headed your way soon.

Obviously I've been working very hard to fill the shop in time for you to take advantage of the just-completed First Anniversary Sale! I offered a coupon code through my social media accounts that allowed people to take 10% off their entire purchase from Black Friday through Tuesday, November 29th--the shop's first anniversary!--and then I extended it through Thursday 12/1 to give shoppers at my Kick Cancer for Cam event the opportunity to get a discount as well.

The Kick Cancer for Cam fundraiser that took place last night was set up by my friend Laura, who sells Lularoe (go check out her facebook page!), to help benefit a local preschooler who's battling cancer. In addition to participating in the silent auction--whose entire proceeds went to Cam's family--Emily Jeanne Designs also donated an additional 15% of all the event's sales to Cam! I used a tiered donation system--the more sales I had, the higher my donation percentage would be--that encouraged people to work together to boost the shop's donation to the family. It was really a group effort to give as much as we could to Cam's family, and we had a lot of fun doing it. The fundraiser was a great success; I loved being able to participate and support a family in need.

As I said, I've been busy busy busy! November was far and away the shop's best month ever, and I know I have YOU to thank. I am truly humbled by all the love and support you've been giving me. My fans are just the best!

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