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How to style your blanket scarf: Side Knot

Earlier this week, I showed you how to style your blanket scarf the easy way, by simply looping it around the back of your neck and bringing the tails forward. It's very simple and looks great!

Once you've mastered that first style, you can move on to more advanced styles, as many of them use that first basic technique as their starting point.

Today I'll show you how to do the Side Knot. If you can make a double knot, then you can rock this style!

I used this 45"x54" hunter green acrylic scarf for my demonstration. Smaller scarves can be tricky with this particular style but it looks great with the longer ones!

Good luck! I'd love to see pictures of you rocking your side knot blanket scarf, so go to my facebook or instagram and share your beautiful scarf skills!

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