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UPDATE #2 12/2/16: For users of the mobile Etsy app: any Etsy conversation can be converted into a custom listing, so if you would like to place a custom order, just send me a conversation through Etsy and I can create your private listing from there. See the rest of this blog post to learn about how the process works!

UPDATED 11/14/16: It has come to my attention that this apparently only works on a computer, using Chrome as your browser. I've heard from customers trying to place custom orders that the buttons don't show up in the mobile Etsy app, making it impossible to place custom orders that way. Please be aware that you may need computer access to place a custom order. (*note 12/2--see above update for correction!)

I know you're all impatiently waiting for my latest crop of blanket scarves, and don't worry--I've been very busy working on them!

I've also received several requests from people claiming their favorite scarves before I make them available for everyone to buy. In light of that, I thought I'd guide you through the process for how to order exactly the scarf you want, even before it's listed in the shop.

The first step is to visit the shop's main landing page on Etsy. Scroll down until you see the shop Sections links in the left sidebar. Below them, you should see a big blue button that says "Request Custom Order." Click on it.

Once you click the Request Custom Order button, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking for the details of your request.

If you would like to order a scarf that you know I'm already planning to make, like one of the scarves previewed in this Instagram picture of my huge shopping trip from last week, simply tell me which color you prefer and I will make you a private listing for that scarf.

If your inspiration comes instead from a photo you have, you can click the "Attach image" link and select an image to upload and send to me.

Or, perhaps you saw a photo that you liked online, a fabric sample or an inspiringly gorgeous Pinterest picture? Simply copy the link into your request and I can see what you liked about it, straight from the source.

If you have a timeline for your request, enter it using the calendar form. If not, simply leave it blank and I'll get your order done as quickly as I can.

Once all the details of your request are in place, simply click the green "Send Custom Request" button and Etsy will send your information to me instantly. It's that easy!

With your custom listing in place, you're guaranteed to get the exact scarf you want, because no one else will be able to see the listing until you purchase it. Even if I post regular listings of the same product, your listing will remain your very own. In essence, that scarf was yours, and only yours, before I even made it!

Etsy will email you once your request has been submitted, giving you further details about the process. You can click on the links in the email to keep up with your request, or you can navigate through the dashboard at the top of Etsy's website.

To check on the progress of your request via Etsy's dashboard, click on the icon labeled "You" in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "Conversations" option from the dropdown.

Initially, our conversation will be found in your Sent Messages, until I get a chance to respond to your request. I will get back to you as soon as I can, at which point our conversation will move up to your Inbox.

The top of our conversation will display an order status bar, showing you exactly where we are in the process. In this screen, we will also have the ability to continue our conversation about the details of the order, including more pictures, links, and specific requests.

Once I get your listing completed, Etsy will email you, letting you know your new scarf (or other custom item) is available for purchase. There's no rush to order it right away, because the listing is totally private until you buy it.

Once you purchase your item, the rest of the process works like any other order: I process your order, wrap it tenderly for shipping, and it's on your doorstep a few days later. Your very own custom Emily Jeanne Designs item, literally made just for you. Does it get any better than that??

And that's it! Honestly, it's almost too easy--why not pick your favorite from the bunch and claim it before anyone else can get to it first? You get exactly the scarf you want, and you can rest easy knowing no one else can claim it first. Custom orders are so simple, you almost have to try it.

So start sending me your custom requests today. Your custom handmade Emily Jeanne Designs item is waiting!

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