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Shop Update: October 2016

Things have been very busy around here lately! My family and I took a week-long vacation to Florida at the beginning of the month, and since then, I've been busy sewing, photographing, editing and listing 12 brand new products! Plus I've got a whole new pile of flannel for blanket scarves waiting in my studio right now.

I think it's time to give you a Shop Update!

First, let me highlight my most recent listings. The first batch featured a whole new crop of nursing scarves, most with the option of finished or unfinished edges. The Semplice Collection of super soft, drapey solid-colored scarves now offers three color options, and the selection of patterned nursing scarves also grew, with lots of options for color, print, fabric weight, and finish (classic or premium). The shop is full and ready for people to start their annual fall scarf stock-up!

I also debuted a new reversible scarf that featured a silky soft gray floral print on one side and a delicate eyelet sweater knit on the other. It was utterly magnificent, I have to say--it was hard to let that one out of the house! It's actually sold already, but I have the fabric set aside to make one more in the future. So, so gorgeous, and luxurious, and soft... I just loved it. As I said, I only have enough fabric to make one more, so if you have your heart set on having one of your own, visit my shop on Etsy and Request a Custom Order.

Speaking of custom orders, you might be thinking, "Request a Custom Order? How long has that been around?!" And the answer is: about two weeks. I've been so incredibly busy in the last several months that I haven't wanted to open the shop up for custom orders, in case I became so overwhelmed that I couldn't get everything completed on time. But the shop is now officially open to custom requests! This magic little button allows us to have private conversations detailing your custom order, and it culminates in a private listing that only you can see and buy. Pretty snazzy!

In fact, I completed a pretty big custom order just this month. My brother-in-law commissioned me to make him a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak for Halloween! We both love Harry Potter, so it was a treat to get to work on it for him. We picked out the fabric together (online, across three states, I should mention) and worked out the details to make the cloak exactly what he wanted. I think it turned out great. What do you think?

You'd think listing eight new scarves and making a giant, shimmery, shiny invisibility cloak would have kept me plenty busy this month, but no!

I ALSO launched my highly anticipated new line of blanket scarves! I started small, with only one scarf each in three different colors, and two of the three scarves sold within the first 1-2 days of listing them! It's proof that I'm not the only one in love with blanket scarves, and that means IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME MORE! Here were the original three:

Only the red scarf is left at the time of this writing. But don't feel too sad--I bought a whole pile of fabric yesterday, which means more blanket scarves will be on their way soon!

As I said, I've been a little busy this month!

Also I'll let you in on a little secret: I've adjusted some of the prices in the shop--for new and existing listings--so if it's been a while since you've looked through everything, now would be a great time to see what's available.

To finish out this spectacular month, I've spent almost six hours this week fixing up the Belle dress I made for myself in 2008 so I can re-debut it for Halloween this year. If you can believe it, it was one of my first projects, made within six months of first learning how to sew. It's frankly a pain to have to fix the seams in the skirt and take in the bodice, but it's such a magnificent and one-of-a-kind costume, I almost owe it to myself to get it back in working order. See pictures of my efforts on my Instagram:

WHEW! I think that's all that's new in the shop right now. To sum up: lots of awesome new things came into the shop this month, and lots of awesome things are headed your way next month too.

Keep an eye on the shop in the next couple of weeks, as I plan to list several new blanket scarves, just in time for the cold weather to settle in. (Plus they would make a fabulous accessory to wear to Thanksgiving dinner! Just sayin'.) If you see one that you like in particular now, feel free to message me and I'll create a private listing for you to make sure you get the color you want. Otherwise, follow the shop on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and prepare yourself for the dazzling array of blanket scarves that's coming your way very soon!

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