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Blanket Scarves: from Pinterest to wardrobe in 24 hours

Did you get a chance to see this week's inspiration blog? In it, I shared the Pinterest pictures that inspired my new obsession with blanket scarves.

I. love. them!

In fact, I was so inspired by writing the post and staring at those pictures all morning that I literally stood up from my chair, put my computer away, and went straight to Jo-Ann to buy flannel (thank goodness the kids were at preschool and I could just get up and leave!).

Within 24 hours I had purchased and laundered new fabric, measured and cut the straight edges, and fringed by hand my three brand new blanket scarves. Aren't they gorgeous?!

I've already got a new crop of scarves planned for an October debut in the shop, but now I think there will have to be some blanket scarves in there too. I didn't buy a lot of fabric, but if they sell well, I'll definitely be getting some more! Blanket scarves may just be my new favorite thing to make!

Which one's your favorite? I can't decide--I love them all!

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