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This week's inspiration: Blanket Scarves

I'm not gonna lie, I love fall.

I love the trees turning colors, the way the sky gets so blue when the air turns crisp, I love pumpkins and scarves and boots and weenie roasts around a fire, I just love all things fall.

I also spend most of the summer wearing long pants and zip up hoodies around the house, so when the cold weather starts to set in, I have to really think about how I'm going to keep warm.

Which brings me to my inspiration of the week: blanket scarves.

When you're as cold-blooded as I am, looking at people covered from navel to chin in giant, flannel-soft blanket scarves is about as comforting as it gets. I can just imagine the heat radiating around my neck and chest and I want to sigh from contentment--no more cold chills in the middle of the day! Just warm, cozy heat and soft flannel goodness all around me.

Plus they're so darn cute!

Just look how stylish and warm this woman looks in all her blanket scarves:

Oooh the siren call of fall is strong now! I can just feel that autumn wind blowing, begging me to cover up in one of those cozy scarves.

Or check out this woman's clever combination of large, encompassing blanket and warm, stylish coat:

Honestly, I look at that "coat" and think, "That would make the perfect sweater to keep warm at work!" Because they keep it at 68 degrees at the library, and I have to wear 10 layers to stay warm. Even in the summer. It's sad.

But blanket scarves, now those look like the very thing I need to stay warm and cozy, inside or out. It looks like this lady has some shopping to do...

What about you? Do you have a favorite way to keep warm when the autumn chill hits the air?

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