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This week's inspiration: a dreamy craft studio

As you know, I'm still working on transforming my large, empty basement into the sewing studio of my dreams. It's a work in progress, but it's getting there.

So naturally, my inspiration this week comes in the form of a picture-perfect craft studio that I saw on Pinterest. Check it out:

Isn't it gorgeous? It actually inspired me to re-arrange my sewing space in the new studio a bit, as I'd forgotten how much I longed for a U-shaped sewing space back in the old house. Once I get done refinishing my serger table, I should be able to perfect that U-shaped work zone and maximize my efficiency between sewing machine, serger, and laptop. I'll show you pictures of that when I get it set up!

I'm also drooling a bit over her little white dressforms. I'm still using my old MyDouble dressform that I got a few years ago to sew custom dresses for myself. It works okay for now, but I'll be honest, I've secretly got a lovely white dressform sitting in my Amazon Wishlist for when I get some extra money to spend. I love the clean, bright look of white. And there's so much of it in her craft space--I just can't get enough of it!

What about you? Which part of this gorgeous craft space inspires you the most?

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