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How to wear EJD: the Del Sol Sundress in Meipuru print

The last few days of August are about to disappear, and that can only mean one thing: fall is just around the corner. Here in the Midwest, the tail end of summer means that we're soaking up our last few days of hot, humid sunshine before the crispness of autumn arrives.

To celebrate these last few warms days, I thought I'd offer some inspiration for how to wear the Meipuru Del Sol Sundress on a hot summer day. This fun little cotton sundress is my go-to outfit when I need a cool dress for a sunny day. The high waist gives you a lot of air flow under the skirt, and the open upper back allows that blessed breeze to caress your skin. The Del Sol Sundress is simultaneously the lightest piece of clothing I own, and also one of the classiest. Don't you just love it when clothes work out like that?

What you need to rock the Meipuru Del Sol Sundress on a hot day:

1. Del Sol Sundress in Meipuru Print by Emily Jeanne Designs, $130.

2. Simple, dainty jewelry, like this pearl pendant necklace from Etsy seller JWjewelrybox, $29.

3. Espadrille wedge heels. I got mine when I studied abroad in Spain, but Nordstrom sells a similarly beautiful pair for $94.95.

And that's it! The great thing about summer is that you don't need much more than a pretty dress and a pair of cute shoes to stay cool and look amazing. Stick with jewelry that doesn't overwhelm the outfit as a whole, and you're set to go.

Love the Meipuru Del Sol Sundress but can't wait for fall? Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to see how the addition of a couple simple accessories can turn this lovely summer sundress into a classic and beautiful fall look.

Until next time!

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