A handmade boutique

based in Charleston, IL

Meet Emily, the Sewist behind the brand

Besides sewing, my favorite hobbies are reading (fantasy and YA are my favorite genres, along with an ever-present non-fiction audiobook in the car – usually history or science related), drinking wine and coffee, gardening, and doing my daily crossword puzzle. I also enjoy our weekly board game night with my husband and kids, as well as playing the occasional RPG video game like Zelda or Assassin’s Creed.

No matter what I’m doing, if I’m at home, I’m guaranteed to have at least one companion with me at all times – whether it’s one of our dogs : Sophie the shichon or Vincent the morkie – one of my parrots : Picasso the hawk-headed parrot or Coco the turquoise conure – or one of our kids’ pets : their budgies Queeny and Sunny or their guinea pigs Maple and Cupcake. We like to call it our own little zoo!

Travel is also a major passion of mine, so I spend a lot of my spare time studying up on places I want to go and casually learning foreign languages for fun – I’m up to decent fluency in Spanish, French, and Italian, with barely passable Duolingo / Memrise practices in Japanese, Greek, Latin, and German… so far!

I also work part time at our family business Tomco Insurance Agency, which helps keep me active in the community and involved with the business that's been in my family since 1972!

Emily Tomshack